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About me

Hey! I'm Rizza and I love to photograph womxn. It is my deepest desire to capture the beauty of each woman's essence and help her see it. As a young teenager, I struggled with anorexia and depression and I've always known since I wanted to work to empower all women to their highest state. 

I've been studying photography since I was a young teen and pursued it for my college degree, starring in gallery shows and selling prints. In addition, the last three years I have been studying and teaching Ama Movement, a feminine embodiment movement practice for women. I now weave my practices from Amba with photography to help women heal through creating profound images of their highest selves. 


Image creation is manifestation. 


An "Embody Your Godess/Wild Womxn" portrait session is more than just photos. It is a movement and meditation journey into accessing your vibrancy, your life energy, your passion, your power, your essence. It is an orgasmic, luxurious experience of Body Love.


I support you in reclaiming your beautiful body. I support you in feeling your gorgeous essence. I support you in creating an image of your highest self to guide you into this next season of your life. 


"You are Sacred. You are Wild. You are Loved."

-Meghan Makena, founder of Amba Movement              


Click on the button above to book a complimentary phone call with me for further inquiry and a special offer. 

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